2017 May 9

Read the news on the "LIbertà" newspaper dedicated to my convocation. Click here to access and see also the interview on "Telelibertà" local TV channel.

2015 October 18

Hello everyone, I am updating my website from hospital once again.
"Only" meniscus surgery this time.
I decided to undergo knee surgery specifically because I want to come back skating at my best.
I want to be able to give my best in practice, in order to be faster than ever in races.
I want to come back to long distance speed skating, I would like to try a freestyle competition after many years, I would like to come back to roller soccer, and I really want to be as effective as I can I my downhill competitions.
People have recently asked me why I had two surgeries in two years at this young age.
In 2014 I HAD to undergo spine surgery, I have been forced to do it. Pain was unbearable.
I called Prof. Maurizio Fornari, by far the best neurosurgeon in the country and one of the most renowned worldwide, and when he proposed me surgery as a solution, I told him: let's do it as soon as possible! I just wanted that pain to stop.
He saw me on friday, and the following wednesday I was in hospital for the procedure.
The following day I went home, three months later I was back on my skates, and five months later I got a 6th place in the world cup race in Teolo.

This time the situation is completely different. My left knee has been giving me a hard time for several months, now. I dedìcided to postpone surgery at the end of the 2015 downhill season, because otherwise I could not have recovered in time for the FIRS world championships in Cistern d'Asti.
I raced in Cisterna, the result was a poor 12th place, and the whole season has not been as successful as expected. Anyway my sponsors, FILA skates and ALESSANDRA RAPACCIOLI/BANCA FIDEURAM, together with the national team staff have been very helpful and kept on supporting me very warmly. Three silver medals in the National Championships could not make me happy, but helped reducing disappointment.
If I were not an athlete, I would not require my meniscus to be removed, in fact pain was coming only during cross overs left side. Post-op is going well and hopefully I will be able to skate in 3 weeks.
Stay tuned and keep on skating with d-rider guys, because D-RIDER NEVER GIVES UP!

2015 April 30

2015 April 21

Ladies and Genltemen, Boys and Girls, Welcome to my new website.
It is a pleasure and a honor for me to open this new chapter of my skating life.
Special thanks to my new sponsor, FILA Skates and to my long time sponsor, Banca Fideuram, Ale Rapaccioli, who has been supporting me for the last 15 seasons.
This section will host weekly (or more frequent) updates on my training sessions or, during the season, on races and any other significant event.

Keep on skating with D-Rider!