Race 2011

Mount Vernon - CAN

Confort - FRA

Bettola (Piacenza) - ITA

Teolo (Padova) - ITA

Chuyer - FRA

Schoenberg am Kamp - AUT

San Dimas, CA, USA (TBC)


Bettola, Italy Jul. 22-23


Perna wins the FIRS World Title once again in front of Daniel Ladurner and Switzerland’s Christian Montavon Among Women, easy victory for Séverine Thomas and excellent podium for Emilie Sadoux and Marjorie Phlippoteau.


The World of Inline Downhill goes back to Bettola after 7 years (the last world cup event had taken place back in 2004). The course was the same, but the asphalt was much rougher this time.

5 fast and challenging corners, one long tricky turn and a braking right hander in very narrow road in the heart of the village of Bettola made this course both demanding and complete. The winner had to be a good skater to push out of the turns, had to master a good top speed position and to be an excellent braker.
Harry Perna has shown, once more, to be a complete champion. And he is only 24.

The weather has been clement with our skaters: on race day a strong shower ended right before the beginning of the training runs, and rain came back only a few minutes after the race of the last competitor in the final!

There has been no real competition. Christ-Thomas' final run completely destroyed any hope for the others. The 7 seconds gap between her and Emilie Sadoux, silver medalist speaks for itself. Marjorie Phlippoteau had no feeling with this course and was not able to do better than a third place, just in front of her teammate Marie Marchand.

All the world’s top riders were at the start of this 12th Inline Downhill World Championship, except France’s Cédric Buxin, Fabien Caron and Morocco’s Samir Hali, still recovering from old injuries.
Many hopes were on Italy's Angelo Vecchi and the "Local hero" (as written on a poster hung on a building in the square of Bettola ) Davide Tacchini, at his last world Championships (he will retire from competitions at the end of this season).
In the qualifying runs many big guns hided themselves, braking just before the finish line or not pushing the limit (the course was leg burning and not many athletes could afford 3 full power runs). Perna, Ladurner, Montavon, Vecchi and Noerl were in the top spots before the final. Davide Tacchini did not find a good feeling with the final turn of his home course and could not be faster than a disappointing 9th place.
The final's 2'08"54 set by Harry Perna was simply unbelievable. He did not make any mistake and won with less than one second of advantage on his strongest opponent, the Austrian multi world Champ Daniel Ladurner. The battle for third saw the return on the podium of a Swiss rider, Christian Montavon, one of the most talented guys of the whole world of inline downhill. The Swiss came to Bettola with a good team, welcome back Switzerland! Italy threw some new riders in the game, too. The movement is renovating and rejuvenating.

See you all in Teolo in two weeks for another Italian race!