Race 2011

Mount Vernon - CAN

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Bettola (Piacenza) - ITA

Teolo (Padova) - ITA

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Schoenberg am Kamp - AUT

San Dimas, CA, USA (TBC)




San Dimas, CA, USA (TBC) Oct. 8-9

Scott Peer wins again in California and climbs the world ranking

As usual, the weather was sunny and warm for the IIDA World Cup and IGSA US National Championships at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California on October 8 and 9, 2011. The track has gotten somewhat rougher and bumpier in the year since the last race, and both more challenging and random, since the riders cannot see all the bumps at race speed. When the inline race came in the afternoon, there was a strong headwind on the upper part of the course that slowed the racers. A strong start was crucial, and also a low tuck into the wind. There were many crashes during practice on the big right turn, especially for skateboard racers, but all of the inline racers had clean runs when it counted.

Multi-National Champion Scott Peer’s good start and excellent top speed position led him to his second World Cup event victory this year, in front of George Merkert and Warren Focke, as usual on the podium in all American races.

Peer’s success allowed him to climb the world ranking until the 4th spot overall. This is the best result of an American rider in IIDA history, congratulations to this unbreakable rider, who has shown to be practically impossible to beat in the American Continent.

On Sunday the IGSA inline race was a three run, points-total race. There was a big crowd of spectators under tents at “crash corner”, who were entertained by many crashes, including a street luge pileup that displaced 20 hay bales. However, there was no need for calculators for the inline race, because the finish order was the same on every run. On the first two runs Scott Peer got off the line first, Merkert got onto his train, and they stayed ahead of Focke through the first half. Then at the big right turn, Scott stayed in his tuck longer and started braking later and sprinted to win. On the final run, George made a huge effort to out-sprint the others from the start. He got the jump off the line and pushed further than usual for a very long sprint. But Scott caught his draft and then took a big slingshot to the inside of the second sweeper turn and took off to an even later brake for the big right and the win.

Stay tuned for a series of interviews to the 2011 IIDA champions and for exciting news on next season!

Scott Peer