Race 2011

Mount Vernon - CAN

Confort - FRA

Bettola (Piacenza) - ITA

Teolo (Padova) - ITA

Chuyer - FRA

Schoenberg am Kamp - AUT

San Dimas, CA, USA (TBC)


Chuyer    Aug. 26-28

Ladurner Wins in Manescu’s Day

Daniel sets the best time in France, in front of Alexandre Lebrun and Dragos Manescu from Romania,
at his career’s first WC Podium.

Séverine Christ-Thomas is Once Again on Top of the World in the Women’s Category.


In the extremely leg-burning 3.1 km long course on the hills around Lyon, an unexpected low lot of riders gave life to the fifth step of the 2011 IIDA World Cup. If in the rest of Europe the temperature was between 30 and 40 °C, in Chuyer on Saturday morning the thermometer showed 11°C with a strong threat of rain. Fortunately later in the morning and in the afternoon the sun came out, for a cold, but pleasant day. The course was not technically difficult, but the first hairpin was not easy to manage, since its shape was quite unusual for downhill competitions. The hardest side of the race was, anyway the 1.5 km straight section which really turned the riders’ legs to jelly. Since the beginning the fight for gold was limited to the world superstar Daniel Ladurner and the 2011 World Cup Champion and French Champion Alex “Rollo” Lebrun. The gap between these two and the rest of the riders will be huge, showing their supremacy. Daniel Ladurner, despite his 10kg gap with his opponent (weight is important in this kind on courses) had a smooth victory with an amazing 2’46” and more than 6” advantage over Lebrun. He is 27, now and has been racing at top level since he was 17 (he won his first world championships medal in 2000!), he had the chance to race against legends like Oscar Galliazzo and Luc Lenoir. He has shown to be able to win on any kind of course, anywhere in the world, but his motivation, passion and extreme talent are still unparalleled. Once more, Chapeau, Champion! If the fight for gold was over after the first run, the one for bronze was very very close. At the end of the second run, with three riders in less than one second, Dragos Manescu stepped on the podium for the first time in his still short career. The 28yo from Bucharest has been improving race after race since his début on the world circuit. On this kind of courses he may become one of the top riders in the near future.

Among women, Séverine Christ-Thomas stopped the watch on an unbelievable 2’58” which would have allowed her to finish 3rd in among men! She is the unchallenged champion of this sport. Marie Marchand, second in Chuyer, showed once more that 2011 may be her year. Her excellent series of results is driving her to the world’s overall silver medal.  This track in Chuyer was tailored on her top speed position and her time at the end was faster than anybody else’s, except, of course Séverine Thomas.

The world cup goes on fast and next week in Eastern Austria its last European step will take place. The 2011 Overall World Cup may still have 5 different champions. If Daniel Ladurner (AUT) seems to be the favorite for the final victory, Alex Lebrun (FRA), Davide Tacchini and Angelo Vecchi (ITA), Moritz Noerl (GER) and Jonathan Rouffiac (FRA), can still step on the podium.

Dragos Manescu, the Greatest Surprise of the Day Marie Marchand and her perfect top speed position Séverine Thomas, The Queen fo Inline Downhill